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This section contains detailed information relating different aspects of the foreign exchange market. Here you can find the latest articles, success stories of the famous economists and traders. The section also consists of various Forex strategies based on the different factors. There is also our electronic library of the unique materials on Forex trading that available for your use.
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Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are an essential tool for any trader. They help to analyze the currency market and forecast its dynamics. These indicators reflect only statistical market data and exclude fundamental readings such as corporate income and profits.

The currency market indicator is based on the trading volume and price. The indicator shows where the market will go, whether the current trend will persist or change. Those who favor technical analysis can use the indicator to open and close deals.

To generate buy and sell signals, indicators are applied to trading volume and price charts of financial instruments. As a result, we have all needed information, from future price fluctuations to the most accurate forecast.

Below you will find the most precise technical indicators for modern trading platforms that are free to download.